Pamela Mann, for all your hosiery needs

Company Overview

Pamela Mann is the leading specialist [importer, exporter, manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer] of fashion hosiery. Offering a diverse product range to customers worldwide, Pamela Mann is accessible to the public via retail and online operations.

Development of creative designs and access to the latest technology are the two core assets of Pamela Mann, a company which was founded in 1956 and still values the importance of consumer demand.

Undoubtedly one of the most diverse companies in its field, Pamela Mann has the infrastructure to serve a broad spectrum of customers; from key accounts i.e. high street names to the individual and their solitary purchase.

All the final production phases - embellishing, printing and packing, take place in-house, which instills a sense of pride and, is a credit to Pamela Mann as a British company.

Overseeing the manufacturing process allows Pamela Mann to have control over production and lead times thus manage customer expectations. Alongside delivery, it is believed that the continued success derives from understanding the market and connecting with customers.


The company was established 1956 and quickly stabilised a high industry profile due to the partnership formed with fashion icon Mary Quant.

Continuing the fashion led profile, the Pamela Mann brand was developed in 1996 targeting young image conscious women. Hosiery was no longer deemed a practical garment but an accessory and Pamela Mann encompassed the demand for 'fast fashion'.

Today, Pamela Mann is renowned for adventurous designs, due to the ability to forecast trends and deliver.

Mission Statement

To offer the latest fashion at reasonable cost, without compromising on quality.

Our Vision

To produce variations of hosiery for every occasion - functional and fashion.

To continuously develop designs and use the highest quality materials.

To meet production and delivery expectations.

To manufacture in-house and provide employment to the local community.

To value loyalty and develop long term relationships with customers and suppliers.